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Positive Changes Happening in the Nursery

posted Sep 22, 2014, 10:18 AM by Lee Seekins

Hello Folks,

As a church we are so fortunate to see such an increase in babies, toddlers, and children in our programs. As we grow, we will make appropriate alterations to how we operate our programs to best accommodate specific age groups and their specific needs. Today marks a very special moment for our Nursery program as we open the door to our newly developed 'Mother's Room'. 

The 'Mother's Room' will provide care for babies 0-2 years old. This room will be a safe haven for the little ones not walking yet, the wee ones still enjoying a swing and a rocking cuddle, as well as the early toddler stage for those babies that may be need a softer, quieter environment. Audio for the sermon will be up and running in this room at a later point in October so please be patient as we continue to orchestrate this technology. 

The 'Toddler Room' will be in the existing nursery room and will provide care for babies 1-3 years old. If your 1-2 year old child is just a little more of a wiggler and a shaker they may prefer this environment. If you are not sure which room would be best suited for your child please ask a worker and we would be happy to assist you with that assessment. 
With these changes comes a few new guidelines for our Nursery rooms that we would like you to be aware of.

A. Please check your baby in at the door to the room. After you sign your child in, the worker will take them into the room. All workers in our rooms must pass a background screening test to work with the children. 
B. There will be two assigned volunteer workers in the toddler room with no more than 3 adults total in the room at one time. There will be two assigned workers in the Mother's Room with no more than 4 adults total at one time. 
C. We ask that parents do not interrupt the nursery room to check on children unless it has been requested by a worker. (Our nursery numbers are coming to the sanctuary soon! At that time we will issue you a number and it will appear on the screen if your child is in need of you.)
D. Our nurseries cannot operate without volunteer hands. If you utilize these resources with your children we ask that you commit to volunteer your time in one of the rooms for one Sunday every 3 months. Please provide up to date contact information to Linda Esmond or to Liz Simpson so they can coordinate a date with you.

We are so incredibly excited about this growth! The measures we put in place are to ensure that all children can enjoy the experience of nursery to the best of their ability and safely. Your children are very, very important to us. In all that we do, may God have all of the glory!

1 Corinthians 15:51 ...We shall all be changed... 

My love to you all on this day. Welcome to our new Nursery!

Liz Simpson 
Children Ministry Director