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Pastor's Note

posted Jan 28, 2017, 8:53 AM by Lee Seekins   [ updated Jan 28, 2017, 8:53 AM ]
I have had the privilege of traveling to the land of Israel. I saw both the lush and fertile land in the north surrounding the Sea of Galilee and the barren area surrounding the dead Sea. Both seas receive fresh water from the north, but only the Sea of Galilee has water flowing out. the Dead Sea only receives and the only way water exists is from evaporation. The Sea of Galilee is teaming with life, the Dead Sea lives up to its name.

This is such a vivid illustration. And if you apply it to your individual life it can give you a recipe for health. Ask yourself, "Am I giving or am I just receiving?" Another way to think of it is to ask, "Is my heart turned inward, primarily thinking about myself, my needs, my desires?" Or, "Is my life focus outward, thinking and planning on ways to help and bless other people?"

We have something to celebrate. On February 19th the Financial Team for our church will present a report detailing the income and expenditures (inflow & outflow) over the previous year. We call this our "Annual Report".

Some specific areas of local giving is our support to Young Life Ministries, the local food bank, and the Care Net ministry. Also we have faithfully given support to Foursquare Missions International, The Bowls of Mercy (Kevin Emah), Living Waters, Czech Mates (Ken and Linda Stapleton), Wycliffe (The Sheerans) and Colin Ovenell. 

I am so proud of our Financial team. Let me encourage you to keep praying for them in their responsibility of oversight of the church's finances. They are Dave Lyngholm, rich Black, Merle Kennedy, Wayne Rice, Ian Turner and Brett Black.

Let the Water flow!

Pastor Steve