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A Few Items Needed for the Christmas Dinner

posted Dec 7, 2013, 8:25 AM by Lee Seekins
The Women's Ministry Team is still looking for help with a few specific items for the annual Christmas Dinner on December 15th.

We are still in need of people to commit to making 12 more centerpieces for the dinner tables. Our hope is that each table will have it's own special decoration for the evening. The centerpieces do not need to be large. In fact, small is better so that people can see everyone at their tables easily.

Roasters are a very important component of the Christmas Dinner! We are looking for 3-4 more roasters that can be used to for the meat. The roasters need to be available by the morning of Sunday, December 15th and can be taken home after the dinner. If you have a roaster that our Kitchen Team can borrow, please contact Kris Piccolo. 

We're short four small tablecloths. Last year we set up 24 tables total and four of those tables were more intimate, four person, seating arrangements. If you have a small, white, tablecloth you're willing to loan us for the event please let us know.

....And, tablecloths for all the tables need to be ironed. We'd like a group of volunteers to come to the Church in advance to help iron out the wrinkles in our nice white tablecloths. All you need is your iron and, if you can, an ironing board. Please contact Kris Piccolo if you're able to help.

Finally, don't forget to sign-up with your family for the dinner. The green sign in sheets (at least the current ones are green) are being kept in the entry way under the Christmas wreath. Take a moment this Sunday to let us know how many of your loved ones we should expect.

If you're interested in helping with any of the items above, please contact either Kris Piccolo in the Church office (633-3044) or Janice Archer.

Thank you! God bless!